Why is maintaining a healthy weight important? Storing too much excess fat comes with a higher chance of contracting illnesses including but not limited to; Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease, certain types of Cancer including Breast, Kidney and Pancreatic and Dyslipidemia (High Cholesterol). Obesity can also lead to Stroke and Heart Attack.

My aim at Banstead fitness is to make healthy eating and exercise a lifestyle choice and not a chore .

As a certified weight loss specialist, I understand that weight loss is so much more than just diet and exercise as I recognize the mental challenges that comes with weight loss too. I’ll help you through your weight loss journey by educating you not only with how to lose weight efficiently, but also what happens to your body when losing weight. For example; metabolic adaptations, improving blood pressure, cardio vascular health  and the shrinking of fat cells as well as how weight loss can help to boost confidence and overall productivity.

I’ll give you all the guidance and support to reduce the risk of putting the weight back on after you have reached your goals, with the long-term aim of maintaining a healthy weight and overall improved health and fitness for wellbeing. I’ll certainly help you achieve your weight loss goals by complimenting your nutritional goal with the correct fitness program, maximizing the amount of calories you can burn.

At Banstead Fitness I know just how important nutrition is no matter your goal and especially when weight loss is your goal. I’ll put you on track and support you throughout your journey to help you eat correctly and adhere to the right fitness program for you to establish a calorie deficit, forcing your body to use excess fat stores in the body for energy but ensuring you are still consuming optimal amounts of nutrients to sustain a healthy body.

I know that weight loss dieting and regular exercising can become difficult to adhere to. However, I have tons of different exercise programs, exercises and techniques to change up training sessions which make exercising more fun and enjoyable.

For more information, contact me at stuart@bansteadfitness.live-website.com