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Banstead Fitness offers both Boxercise and circuit training classes every week.

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What Is Boxercise?

Boxercise classes are a non-contact boxing themed class that combine high intensity boxing workouts, group cardio sets and circuit training techniques and is based on the training concepts of professional boxers. Classes involve getting to grips with pad work, learning the 8 Boxercise punches, boxing circuits, building punch combinations and resistance exercises for a full body workout that will blast calories, tone muscle, improve agility, increase strength lower stress and improve mental health. Apart from being a fantastic way to keep fit, Boxercise classes are really good fun!

Who Is Boxercise For?

Boxercise is suitable for adults of any gender or sporting ability. Boxercise is ideal for all and is perfect for beginners. It is great for anyone planning on weight loss, improving their overall fitness, toning up and people who love to workout as a group.

What Are The Benefits Of Boxercise?

The fast paced nature of these classes will engage the legs, shoulders, back, arms, obliques, core and abdomen to help burn body fat, increase muscular definition and improve fitness. Fast reps and intense activities will help to increase endurance and stamina giving the body a full cardiovascular workout. Boxercise is great for improving motor skills, balance, reaction time, eye co-ordination and overall agility. Our class is also a great way to release muscle tension and channel any inner aggression which can be great for stress relief and mental health.

What is XPress Circuits?

XPress Circuits is a new and exciting 45 minute circuits class designed to give a full body workout using dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight exercises and more.

Classes are suitable for over 18’s of any fitness ability and are fantastic for improving strength, stamina and overall fitness levels as well as being great for weight loss and toning too!

A typical class involves a pre workout stretch and warmup, the workout itself and a post workout cool down.

During the workout, participants move around different workout stations using various exercises to train different part of the body.

It’s fast paced and guaranteed to get you a sweat on.

What Our Clients Say…..

“Absolutely love the classes. Just the right mix of boxing and cardio” Jenny P

“The classes are so much fun. You really feel it the next day but can’t wait to go back again” Meisha T

“So much different from a regular exercise class with the boxing elements. A really good balance of boxing and circuits and the group games are really fun”. Amanda H

“A proper workout. Will definitely be going back”. Roger A

“Anyone considering these these classes, don’t hesitate. Really great workout and so much fun”. Simon D

“Brilliant class as always. Can’t wait for next week”. Tina D