Muscle building is an important factor of fitness training as muscle strength is vital to the human body at all stages of life.

Muscle building doesn’t only increase muscle strength, it also improves balance, co-ordination and with the right amount of strength training, bone density. This is important as we get older as in our later years we are more susceptible to trips and falls. Improved balance and co-ordination helps prevent us from having such accidents. However, if we do have these accidents, improved bone density will help to reduce the risk of broken bones and fractures.

Strength training has also been proved to reduce health problems such as high blood pressure, cholesterol build-up and heart disease.

Building stronger muscles is also important and useful in other situations in life. Muscles are the force that generate the movements of joints and therefore, stronger muscles will help us to lift heavier objects more easily. This can be anything from heavy shopping bags, carrying small children and other day to day activities.

At Banstead Fitness I will ensure that that you are training the complete muscle group to complete joint movements and not just the prime mover associated to the movement, meaning that that not only will your muscles be stronger but the joint in question is more stable and less likely get injured.

Muscle building is also great for self-confidence as it can lead to a great physique which for some is confidence boosting and also gives a great sense of achievement.

I will provide you with nutritional guidance to help you with your muscle building goals to ensure you are maximizing your results.

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