Endurance training improves your ability to exert yourself for a long period of time and therefore improving your stamina.

Endurance training will involve aerobic exercises such as cycling, walking, running, rowing and other activities that can be sustained for a long period of time and there are loads of benefits to be had.

For example; its great for the respiratory system as it improves lung capacity and health. It’s great for cardiovascular health as it improves the heart rate by reducing your heart beats per minute and increasing blood stroke volume so in turn provides oxygen to the muscles at a faster rate and allows you to partake in various activities for longer. It also helps to prevent diseases such as cardio vascular disease.

So therefor, endurance training is vitally important to a healthy lifestyle and works by the body being able to take in a higher amount of oxygen because the lungs are working more efficiently. You will have a higher red blood cell count and because of the higher levels of oxygen in the blood, muscles can be refilled quicker and work for longer. By training aerobically for long periods of time your body will adapt to be able to dissipate heat more quickly so you don’t overheat when doing activities meaning you will be able to train, exercise and be active for longer periods of time.

At Banstead fitness I can help you improve your endurance and stamina levels by doing activities such as cycling, walking, jogging, circuits, rowing plus many more. I can also give you nutritional guidance to help you with your endurance training goals.

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